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Learn How to Shoot a Pistol

We specialize in new shooters — with an emphasis on women. Our all woman staff educates new shooters on gun safety, proper stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture and all the fundamentals to create confident and proficient shooters. You will find our teaching style to be non-threatening, low key and supportive — we want to take the worry out of your introduction to firearms!

Whether you want to learn for personal defense, recreational shooting, or because you want to know how to use the handgun stored in your home, we are here to guide you through this process.

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Wondering What It's Like?

Always wondered what it would be like to know how to handle and shoot a pistol? Why not give it a try? Our experienced instructors provide a low key, comfortable learning environment. Perfect for first time and beginner shooters who may feel apprehensive about shooting a gun. And our handgun training classes are very affordable!

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Patti instructs with unique discipline, preciseness and a high regard for safety. The personal instruction resulted in confidence and a thorough understanding of a firearm and how to safely handle it at all times. I found the experience valuable.
Patti is very thorough and patient. I took my 23 year old daughter along who was very intimidated by guns. Patti was able to get her past that and my daughter had a surprising sense of accomplishment when we finished the training.

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A comfortable learning environment for entry to mid level shooters.