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Group of men, pistol training lessons, Waukesha, WI


"Never being around firearms as a child, I was as fearful of them as I am of spiders. In later years when my husband would take out his hunting rifle to clean it, I was so anxious I had to leave the room. I realized a person is generally fearful of something they know nothing about. A friend connected me with Patti and that was the best introduction I ever had. I signed up for a Basic Pistol Shooting Lesson and through Patti's patience, encouragement, and extensive knowledge, my fear turned into respect for firearms and confidence with a loaded weapon. I can't thank Patti enough for guiding me through my hesitation to even touch a gun. Knowledge is key to gaining confidence and overcoming fear. Patti and this course have achieved that for me. Thank you for what you do."

— Kim

"When I attended CSI’s Concealed Carry Class, I did not know what to expect. I was not a “fan” of firearms as I was not comfortable around them and was quite naïve to all of the laws and seriousness of receiving the privilege of being approved to carry a firearm. However, Patti was very thorough and made sure I (we) understood the laws and the consequences that can come with using your firearm by utilizing real life situations. In addition, the hands on approach of how to to correctly handle and use a firearm lessened my anxiety. I would highly recommend CSI’s Concealed Carry Class to anyone from a complete novice like myself or to someone that has shot their entire life and feel they are completely proficient with a firearm."

— Rachel

I met Patti at a CCW class she was instructing 6 1/2 years ago. After roughly a 1,000 rounds down range, I took a handgun shooting lesson with Patti to see how I could improve. The first few minutes were spent on some things that immediately yielded significant increased accuracy. I still train what I learned that day and much more since from Patti. I strongly encourage any new or moderately experienced shooter to experience Patti’s positive approach to hand gun instruction. Consider the gift of a lesson to someone or yourself. 

— Dave

"I don’t review a lot of things, only when needed. I give her a 10 out of 10! I have very minimal gun experience, not going to lie, but going through her Concealed Carry Class really made me more knowledgeable about firearms. Spending the 4 hours with Patti, she answered all of my questions and helped me understand the benefits of concealing a firearm at all times. Her 30 years of experience as a police officer and her passion really shows in her class. I would sit through it again believe it or not! Thanks Patti!"

— Alex

"My concealed carry class was fantastic! It was very informative, easy to follow along with, and answered all of my questions. I like that we were able to get hands-on with different guns and holsters. Patti did a great job keeping everyone engaged and interested."

— Julia

"I came to Patti a very fearful, unsure, and unconfident shooter. I had been trying to get through my fear on my own, but only ended up making myself worse. After searching online I came across Confident Shooting Instruction and immediately set up a beginner pistol shooting lesson. It was just the thing I needed. As soon as I met Patti, I felt comfortable and was grateful she didn’t take a drill sergeant approach. She very patiently helped me for the hour lesson and by the time it was done I was comfortably shooting my 9mm. I have highly suggested these lessons to anyone I meet. The range is great and so are the instructors! Thanks again!"

— Joye

I've met with Patti two times so far and will definitely meet with her again.  To begin with, she is very accessible by email and provided options for places to meet and times at which to do so.  In our first meeting, the variety of weapons that she had for me to try made it easy for me to find the right handgun for me.  Her instructional approach starts and ends with safety, which was very important to me as a first-time gun owner, helping me get from nervous to comfortable to confident.  Her experience is clear; she saw what came easily to me and what needed more attention, and then we focused our time on the latter.  Patti even showed me how to take my gun apart for cleaning.  And, while keeping it safe and professional, it was a lot of fun!

— John

"I had SO MUCH FUN with my girlfriend at a Ladies Learn to Shoot Event. Both of us were beginners and Patti and the other instructors made things easy to understand in a very controlled and safe environment. The balance between instruction and experience was just right. Extremely fun day!"

— Gayle

Pistol Shooting Lessons in Southeast Wisconsin

A comfortable learning environment for entry to mid level shooters.

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